Since we started our show in June of 2016, we've been lucky enough to be joined by many terrific co-hosts and guests. Each of them have added unique depth, color and dimension to what we do. But none of them is quite like Bronco Billy. His enthusiasm is unmatched. He style is his own. Some say he's loud. Others say he's over the top. One thing for sure, he loves his Dallas Cowboys and he couldn't help but join us when we discussed the matchup last fall between the Dallas Cowboys and Greenbay Packers in EP#22. Chris Braaten, one of the hosts of the More Gooder Than Podcast and a huge Packers fan was also witness to the audio tornado known as Bronco Billy. WE'RE SORRY. Thanks for listening. NOTE: This is a two part appearance that we hastily and poorly edited together.

More Gooder Than Podcast

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